The incredible journey of your Buttonwell T-shirt.


Humble Beginnings

It all begins here. A Supima cotton farm with a breathtaking view in California, United States. Here, cotton crops are harvested with these badass machines before travelling almost 14,000km across the world to a factory in Thailand.



Knit Wit

In the factory, short fibers and dirty bits (such as leaves, stones or feather) are removed. Then, they’re combed with bristles of varying sizes. This makes the fibers longer, straighter and more even (which means a softer and more durable T-shirt!).


Next, they’re spun into yarn before being turned into sheets of fabric.

buttonwell_cottonsliver            buttonwell_cottonyarn

P/S There’s no need to feel sorry for the short fibers though. They’re on their way to becoming your cotton buds!



Making the Cut

It's now time to give the fabric some colour. Buttonwell T-shirts are dyed to a consistent white, black, navy, serenity blue, red and pink. This is followed by pre-shrinkage to prevent contraction in the future.
More treatments are made to improve the quality of the fabric. They go through more tests so we can make sure the weight, thickness and colour are on point!



Taking Shape

Stacks of fabric are accurately and carefully cut according to sizing molds. Then, the pieces are sewn together by skilled workers. Finally, the T-shirts are taking shape!

buttonwell_sewing1            buttonwell_sewing2




Every single Buttonwell T-shirt needs to be perfect. So, it's one final round of quality inspection (this includes checking for sharp sewing tools or leftover fabric bits) before they begin their journey into your hands!


Want to know how Buttonwell T-shirts are made in more detail? Just head over to our Instagram page! 
Size Chart

Measurement Guide

This size chart gives you practical reference for the measurements of the garment, not the body size.

To find the right fit, take out your favourite T-shirt, lay it flat on the floor and take the measurements listed here. Choose the size closest to the results.

If it turns out that the T-shirt doesn’t fit you perfectly after purchase, we’re more than happy to exchange it for free.


  S M L XL
A - Length (cm) 66.5 68.5 70.5 74
B - Chest (cm) 46 49 51 55
C - Sleeve opening (cm) 14 15 16 17
D - Sleeve length (cm) 20 20.5 21.5 22.5



  S M L XL
A - Length (cm) 59.5 61.5 64 65.5
B1 - Chest (cm) 38.5 40 42.5 45.5
B2 - Waist (cm) 34.5 36.5 39.5 43
C - Sleeve opening (cm) 13 13.5 14 14.5
D - Sleeve length 16.5 17 18 18.5



A - Length (cm) 61 63 65 67
B - Chest (cm) 41 42 44.5 47.5
C - Sleeve opening (cm) 13.5 14 14.5 15
D - Sleeve length (cm) 17 17.5 18.5 19


  Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
A - Length (cm) 39 41.5 45 49.5
B - Chest (cm) 34 36 37 38
C - Sleeve opening (cm) 10 10.5 11.5 12
D - Sleeve length (cm) 29 31 33 34


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